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Anima Bath Essential Set 4pc Set

Anima Bath Essential Set 4pc Set

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Anima Gold organics presents the shea butter collections. It's an organic collection handcrafted to provide Anti-aging and anti-blemish solutions to restore and maintain moisture for the skin
The Hair Growth Mixture and Hair growth Oil promote hair growth.

DEEP MOISTURE BODY BUTTER (BLUE CONTAINER): Provides anti-aging and anti-blemish solutions. This product contains shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil hand crafted together with collagen promoting oils and other essential oils great for flawless skin.

PURE MOISTURE BODY BUTTER (White Container) Contains shea butter, mango butter crafted with essential skin oils to retain moisture and promote glow. It makes skin supple, lighten age spots, stretch marks and sun damage and spots.

CHOCO MOISTURE (BROWN CONTAINER) Contains cocoa butter, mango butter and shea butter hand crafted with collagen producing and essential oils which increases elasticity of skin, soften skin, clear, detoxify and protect the skin against damage by UV radiant light.

Handmade with shea butter

BODY BALM: Body Balm can be used all over the body or especially in dry parts of the body to achieve maximum moisture. Balms are great for the feet, elbow, hands and those tough dry patches on the skin.

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